Down the Pipeline


[Last Updated the 03/09/2012]

So, here a sticky with all the Eroge i need to begin, finish or update the blog with.
I classified them by alphabetical order.This isn’t the order i’ll use to create and upload the walkthroughs and saves.

i’ll update this post everytime i remove a game listed here(meaning that the Walkthrough and save for it are available) and when i acquired a new one.Also, those with a * after their name are Eroge with Fan made English Patch.

Ok, let’s go for the list:

16 Responses to “Down the Pipeline”

  1. Wolf Says:

    Cool, it’s great to see you back and so active i love your walkthroughs they are the most detailed and easy to follow.

    Seems i am one of the few people still visiting you but remember that you help us greatly and we appreciate everything you do for us.

    • Wolf Says:

      As a side note you will have lots of fun with The Sagara Family took me forever to get a 100% save

  2. cgland Says:

    I never got a lot of people in the comment section and i still have between 100 and 150 hit a day.
    It’s more than i expected at the beginning… And i’m happy with it ^^

    But i thank you for your encouragement, it’s always nice to know that i help some people. 🙂 (And that i help to spread the Eroge love :D)

    And i don’t think it will take me forever to get 100% CG for The Sagara Family… I’m an Eroge Pro afterall :p (I just remembered that i bought my first Eroge just a little more than 10 years Ago… It was Snow Drop… I still have the Boxed version from this time)

    • Wolf Says:

      Ah yes my master! What i meant was how long it took me to find everythng, that game has so many Ero scenes it is crazy. Can’t wait for your next walkthrough!, in the meantime i shall continue my monsterquest game, hopefully soon part 3 will be out and then the translation for it shall soon follow.

  3. Wolf Says:

    Hey I just found out that the Release date for downhill night blaze is April 30 2012, that is about 2 weeks from today, can’t wait to play!

    • cgland Says:

      Sorry but nope… Blaze won’t be out on this date.
      Jast USA always announce the Golden Master for their Eroge about one month before releasing it… And the Statut for Blaze is still not Golden.
      And since Foglio/TOP are dead company they have a lot of problem with it.

      • Wolf Says:

        Ah man, i was so ready too, damn. where can i go to keep an eye on it? and do you think it will actually get released?

  4. Wolf Says:

    Where do you buy your games? I get mine from, which is why i thought Downhill night blaze was going to be out on the 30th, it says that april 30th is it’s Date Available. Is there a better place to buy them from?

    • cgland Says:

      I buy only Download Version (when available) directly from J-List and Mangagamer… Since i’m European it’s more easy for me like this.(especially for Jast USA’s Game… The Shipping from North America is quite long, not really cheap and Customs can be a real pain sometime)
      And, the release date on righstuff are never the right one if Jast USA didn’t make an announce about it ^^

      • Wolf Says:

        Damn, how long do you think i am going to have to wait for Downhill night Blaze? or is it a lost cause.

        Also i looked at your upcoming walkthrough page, it just so happens i recently bought that game too.
        great luck on my part.

  5. cgland Says:

    In the last news they had a DirectX problem but was confident for a Spring 2012 release.

    As for We Love Master!… Well it’s not a hard one… But be aware that’s a Nukige, so a lot of H-Scene.

    • Wolf Says:

      Where do you get that kind of information on the games? JAST USA forums? or just Eroge forums in general?

      Thanks, i appreciate the info and walkthroughs.

      • cgland Says:

        Jast USA official Website and Forum for general news… But when i really need a specific information on game in dev i ask them on Twitter.
        They’re really kind and answer when they can.

  6. Wolf Says:

    Thanks Mate I appreciate the info, Hopefully we get to conclude the Downhill night series sometime this year.

  7. Mr. Kyosuke Says:

    Cgland, your Walktroughs are really good, especially because a lot of the walktroughs that are here, are the only one’s actually in english. I want to thank u with all my heart.

    If I may ask a question, how far are you on My Girlfriend is the President? (If I may ask.)

    Once again I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the walktroughs!

    • cgland Says:

      Thanks, and you may Ask about my Girlfriend is the President ^^
      In fact i was going to update the Upcoming Page with it since it almost finished… I should finish it today in fact ^^

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